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Discover Earth Fill  Group
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Free Supply of Certified Unlimited Earth Material - Fill - Soil - Clay - Shale - All Types - Free Delivery

Free Earth Material - Free Delivery - Free Plant/Machine to level your site

Meet The Team

Land Resurfacing Group and Earth Fill Group has now merged into one. We have been supplying free certified clean fill to the public and clients since 2004, we’ve have been working with top Excavating Contractor's and Quarry's in New South Wales.


We provide our clients and to the public with a wide range of services for all their remodeling and repairing needs of their land or property.


No matter the size of the project, We take pride in our excellent work competitive and our ability to deliver outstanding results on time - every time.


From coordinating project s to taking care of all that bureaucratic oversight, I conveniently guide our clients through our services. Our Service is completely free.


Looking for great services, We’ve got you covered. Boost your land or property, and don’t let potential advantages pass you by. With our  services, we will help you with all that you need to retain your property and gain more out of it. 

What We Do

We supply the following all Free Unlimited:-
* Fill
* Dirt
* Soil
* Clay
* Shale
* Top Soil
* Sandstone
* Landfill

* Earth Material

*  VENM and ENM Material
* Certification and Classification Reports  
   can be supplied.
* D A Assisting (Developement Application)

We can supply any of the following Plants:-
* Floatage of Plant/Machine
* Excavator
* Bobcat/Posi-Track/Dozer

f taken over 150m3 of material, Machine/Plants are free of hire with Operator to level or move material around onsite.


What It Can Do For You

The sky is the limit with all possibilities and potential for your site or property.
Fill up unwanted pools, get rid of your pool and expand your backyard, change levels or contouring to your land or site, make it bigger or raise  it to a certain level, fill up unwanted dams or pretty much anything you desire.
Boost your property in price and space, as we said if taken more than 150m3 of Earth material Plants/Machine and Floatage is on us for free leveling or spreading.



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Connect With Us

New South Wales, Australia

0405 787 731

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